Supplement Overview and Recommendations

Here’s a quick list of supplements I recommend.

If there are 90 nutrients that we can say are ESSENTIAL then let’s try to improve our chances of optimizing them.

We can categorize nutrients into 5 groups.
1) Minerals
2) Vitamins
3) Amino Acids/Protein
4) Oils/Fats
5) Vita-Nutrients

Remember, if a nutrient is “essential” we will experience deficiency symptoms if it is lacking in our diets or supplements.

1) Get a good multiple vitamin/mineral product. Versions with “Chelated” minerals are best. I also like those with some plant based vitamins.

2) Take a quality Calcium product. Look for MCHA as the calcium source and one that includes Magnesium, vitamin D and some assorted trace minerals.

3) Take Omega 3 oils. Flax oil is the best to start. Adding Krill or fish oil later [BTW – Krill oil in the container has a distinctive odor – if you place 3-4 desiccant packs in the bottle and refrigerate it, the odor is gone in 12 hours]

4) Find a good Colloidal mineral product for trace minerals. Make sure it’s from Humic shale and NOT ionic minerals. Humic shale is the fossilized remains of the dinosaur days – plant based and 98% absorbed.

5) Try to find a Glucosamine Chondroitin and MSM product [bovine source is best] to protect your joints.

6) Consider taking extra Vitamin C [products with rose hips also contain the Bioflavonoids from the natural C family]. I prefer capsules over tablets. Chewable versions can mottle teeth – not good.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to message or comment.

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