Is Your Thyroid Out of Whack?

If your body temperature is 97.8 or less you are likely short on IODINE. The thyroid gland must have Iodine, a mineral, to function properly. [Normal range is usually considered 98.6 to 99.4]

~ Use Iodized salt [my favorite is Morton’s LITE SALT which is 50% Sodium chloride and 50% Potassium chloride….”killing three birds…” so to speak by getting Sodium and Potassium plus Iodine] or you can get a supplement of Potassium Iodide, avoid kelp it’s not as usable by the body.

~ Salt your food to taste. It a persistent medical myth that salt is bad for you If you swell/retain fluid when you eat salt you are probably calcium deficient. My experience has been that salt sensitivity will resolve after one week of proper calcium supplementation. [look for MCHA as calcium source]

~ Sodium/Salt is necessary to make stomach acid. Stomach acid is required for proper absorption of MINERALS [Calcium and Iron, esp], Protein/Amino Acids and B vitamins [B12 in particular]

Note: Those with severe heart disease or kidney disease require close medical monitoring of salt and fluid status.
Conversely, those with normal heart and kidney function have little to worry about concerning salt intake especially as it relates to blood pressure and heart disease. There is significant reluctance of mainstream medicine to accept the evidence that salt restriction showed no benefit in treating/reducing high blood pressure. [Google Salt hypertension myth]

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