Calcium and YOU

Do you have low back pain or neck pain? Do you have popping, grinding or
creaky joints? Are you having trouble sleeping? Is road rage one of
your hobbies?

Do you suffer with PMS? Or are you just less patient than you once were?

If so, You are more than likely suffering with Calcium deficiency.

The GOOD news is that all of these symptoms can eased or eliminated by improving your Calcium balance.

A quick tip: Avoid dark colas that rob the body of Calcium [one 12
ounce cola contains 1 gram of phosphorus that “binds” or blocks 2
grams of Calcium]

Most everyone can benefit from a Calcium supplement, but which one is best?

Let’s consider the options in Nature where Calcium is found.

1) Dairy [many adults have difficulties here]

2) Large quantities of grass [cows eat 10-15 pounds/day]

3) Eating other animals [best choice, more on this in a minute]

4) Rocks [like limestone AKA Calcium Carbonate, Citrate or Lactate]

Notice that no animals in nature eat rocks for its Calcium, except Humans.

Calcium Carbonate, the most common form of Calcium in supplements, is LIMESTONE. Check your supplement bottle.

Let me be clear – Rock-like minerals are around 3% absorbable where animal based minerals like Micro-Crystalline Hydroxy-Apatite [MCHA] which is derived from cows is said to be 40-60% absorbable.

The good news is this:

Most people will sleep better within a week of taking the proper
Calcium supplement [usually 1 gram per day]. Many will have less back and neck pain within 2 weeks and joint popping improves within 3 weeks.

Another tip: When exposed to the sun for 20-30 minutes our skin
produces enough vitamin D to increase
Calcium absorption for a full day [Actually 10 times more Calcium]

So, check your labels before you buy. It is best to find a Calcium
product that includes vitamin D and magnesium as well.

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