B Vitamin Trivia [Part Five] B9 or Folic Acid Deficiency

B9 : Our most significant deficiency

B9 [Folic Acid] Deficiency

~Nerve and Brain function

Have you had episodes of depression?

Are you not as “sharp” as you once were?

Do you have restless leg syndrome?

What about neuropathy or nerve pain?

Chronic fatigue trouble you?

Have you had a seizure?

Do you know someone with Parkinson’s disease?

~Bone, Reproductive and Hormone Health

Are your bones on your mind?

Have you been diagnosed with brittle bones?

What about Osteopenia?

Do you have hormonal irregularity?

Does your Libido need a boost?

Has Acne re-appeared in your life?

Has arthritis and joint pain become an issue?

Have you had Cervical Dysplasia or abnormal Pap smears?

Are you concerned about possible infertility or birth defects?

~Gastrointestinal Disorders

Do occasionally have mouth ulcers/canker sores?

Have you had episodes of unexplained diarrhea and constipation?

Do you have Crohn’s disease or Ulcerative colitis ?

~ Heart and Artery Health

Have you had your serum Homocysteine level checked?

[If elevated Homocysteine levels in the blood increase your risk of heart attack and stroke]

Have you heard the B9 can reduce your risk of Heart Disease?

~Skin Conditions

Do you have Psoriasis?

Acne, is it troubling you?

Do you know anyone with Vitiligo or loss of skin pigment?


If you answered yes to any of these queries you are familiar with some symptoms of B9 [Folic acid] depletion.

Everyone can benefit from B9 supplementation.

It has been argued that the ideal amount of Folate [B9] for optimal health is 3-8 milligrams per day [not micrograms]. 

This is virtually impossible to achieve with diet alone.

Cooking kills up to 90% of Folic acid [B9]

If you eat one pound of Kale you’ll only get 336 micrograms [mcg] or about 1/3 of a milligram.

One pound of Broccoli yields 243 mcg

Asparagus – 528mcg per pound

The government has set the maximum dose per pill at 800mcg; an effort to avoid the “masking” of B12 deficiency’s anemia. A better recommendation is to ALWAYS take B12 anytime you take B9.

B9 is very safe and 100% non-toxic

[Message me for more specific direction]

B Complex supplements include B9. 

Some conditions will benefit from taking a separate B9 supplement.

Historically, B9 deficiency was linked to birth defects in 1954. Various studies confirmed this suspicion from 1960 until 1992 when the US Public Health Service issued a recommendation that all US women of child bearing age capable of getting pregnant should consume 400mcg of folic acid.

Rhetorically – What other ungiven “recommendations” could help us stay healthier and avoid serious illness?


Elevated serum Homocysteine has emerged as a BIG risk factor for heart disease, stroke and a list of other conditions. 

The good news is that B6, B9 and B12 supplementation reliably drops Homocysteine into a healthy zone.

It is important to take the B vitamins together; as in a B Complex supplement, “B100” or “B150” are common formulations. 

It is best to take the B’s twice a day.

Sugar depletes the B vitamins.

Studies show it is difficult to get enough B vitamins from foods alone.

Take a quality Multiple vitamin/mineral supplement [ask for a product with chelated minerals]

Feel free to message me or leave a comment or concern.
[Or if you have a topic that interests you for me to address]

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